Whilst the individual championships will have been decided one week earlier in Italy, the real end of season celebrations will take place at the lakeside venue as Sokolov hosts this year’s TDN - Trial des Nations. Contested by more than thirty teams over three classes the TDN is often regarded as the Olympic of Trial.

This year’s inter country team competition will see Qualification for all riders take place on Saturday before both Women’s and Men’s TDN play out together on Sunday for the first time ever in the long history of this team competition.

The waterside paddock and slippery hazards in the nearby wooded areas will again combine well to deliver a memorable weekend. As per last year’s TrialGP Czech Republic man-made sections will be included close to the start / finish area to add further atmosphere to this unique event.

Regular and affordable flights to the must visit city of Prague mean that the ‘2018 closing party’ is sure to feature high on many people’s short list.


Koupaliste Michal
Lake Michal
Czech Republic


Men's World Trophy - Women's World Trophy - Men's International Trophy


Starting area: 450m / Maximum sections: 550m

Time difference

GMT/UTC +1 hour

Nearest Airports

Prague airport - 120km / Nurnberg Germany airport - 150km

Tourist Information

Karlovy Vary - - +420 355 321 171

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