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No season would be complete without a visit to the iconic Twin Ring Motegi circuit, and this time TrialGP Japan will make history as it hosts the women for the first time ever, and include all five classes. The sprawling grounds that extend around the two interlinked tarmac circuits not only incorporate some excellent Trial terrain, but also include what can only be described as ‘Disneyland for petrol-heads’. The only flyway event in 2018, a trip to Japan is certainly worth the long journey from Europe especially with its two days of competition after Friday’s Qualification. The onsite hotel adds an extra level of convenience and a tour of the incredible Honda museum cannot be missed.

The Trial itself is very compact and easy to follow on foot, with a mixture of man-made hazards and natural hill climbs, often muddy all being very accessible. The Japanese hospitality and organisation is second to none, and whilst the food is very different to that found in Europe, there is plenty of variety and western alternatives to cater for all appetites. Transfer from Tokyo by hire car or train is relatively straightforward with many European languages spoken throughout Japan.

Certainly a trip of a lifetime, but one that needs ticking off the bucket list.


Twin Ring Motegi
120-1 Hiyama Motegimachi
Hagagun Tochigi
321-3597 Japan


TrialGP - TrialGP Women - Trial2 - Trial2 Women - Trial125


Starting area: 185m / Maximum sections: 226m

Time difference

GMT/UTC +8 hour

Nearest Airports

Ibaraki airport - 65km / Narita International airport - 125km

Tourist Information

Japan Tourism Agency - - +81 035 253 8111

Local hotels

Hotel Twin Ring

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